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About Faisal.TV

Faisal.TV is about you, me, and our collective life experience.

As we move about our daily lives, our interactions with one another leave a trail of experiences
that carries with it all the learning and wisdom we need in order to shoot for the moon and
reach for the stars.

That being said, it's not hard to pinpoint what most humans want.

We all want to be successful, and life teaches us that consistent success of a person is not
possible without putting in the required amount of work on the personality first. It goes without
saying that one's outer success is directly connected to the inner workings of a personality.

Faisal TV aims to provide a platform for personal development because it's self-development
and learning that holds the key to a person's long term success.

At Faisal TV, we showcase human experience, dissect it, and learn from it. We also learn from
some of the great minds of the present and the past as we try to apply (implement) their teachings
and experiences into our 'package'.

On this journey of learning, we learn from the very best and reject anything that threatens to holds
us back from achieving our full potential.

Bit by bit we continue to improve ourselves until our personality becomes a collection of winning
habits, rituals, and characteristics that automatically attracts success.

In the undeniable words of the great business philosopher and motivational speaker, Jim Rohn:

"Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become."

Wishing all of us; peace, happiness, and prosperity in life.

Faisal Karim
CEO/Editor Faisal TV