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About Faisal Karim

As much as I would like to avoid self-introduction at this stage which may be construed
as self-promotion by some, I believe that a fair introduction of the creator of this site is
necessary, so readers can have an idea of who's behind this site. An introduction here will
provide information which can be used to get an idea of the direction of this site, as well as
help the readers make decision about their future association with the site. 
So, here are a couple of paragraphs about myself.

Inspired by humanity and fascinated with the human spirit, I can be described as an avid student of
life and a keen observer of human behavior.

I am an electrical engineer by qualification and a serial entrepreneur by passion. Never having opted
for a 9 to 5 job, entrepreneurship is the sole means of my living.

As an entrepreneur, my specialty is internet marketing and e-commerce.

I am a strong believer in setting goals and pursuing dreams. I believe even firmly in the ability of
human beings to achieve well-designed goals and elevate themselves in the process.

To me, life is a vibe, much like the brief current of air that hits your face and is then gone forever.
You can never grab it but only feel it. If you can understand the brevity of life, live the vibe, play it
for what it is, and do so in a fun and productive manner, then hats off to you. If not, still no worries,
you'd be no different than a vast majority of folks who'll spend the rest of their lives trying to figure
things out until they draw their last breath.

It is important to understand that as humans, not everything is in our hands, yet there is enough in
our hands to make it all exciting. We have enough powers to test our mettle and aim for greatness
which can make life really interesting.

Through Faisal.TV I aim to tread a path of learning, understanding, and appreciation of fellow beings
as inhabitants of a small planet in the great cosmic ocean.

From uncontrolled chaos at our local traffic intersection to intricate details of the space time continuum,
we will cover almost anything that pertains to our habits, our behavior, our life, and the universe.

We'll embark on a study of why we do things and the way we do them, and why we are the way we are.
Such a study is the best way to understand our inner game and to get our abilities to work "for" us rather
than "against" us.

Introspection of one's behavior coupled with what some might call 'luck' is usually the difference between
success and failure of an individual.

So, let's learn about ourselves, and adapt and renew our approach towards life so that with each passing
day, we become better humans than we were the day before, until a day comes when we not only make
ourselves proud, but set a good example for our peers and future generations.

Let the journey of self-development begin.

It'll be my pleasure to have you along.

Faisal Karim
Owner / Editor Faisal.TV